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Registrations for the 2017 Western University Games are now open! Contact your Sport Officer for your team code, then register now to #playunigames

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Registration Cost

Standard Registration fee: $150 per particpant (for sports held over three days)

Competitior fee plus late registration fee: $175 per participant

Non-competing official: $20

A $9.00 service fee is payable per competitor at the time of submitting registration

Standard registration period ends: Friday 2 June 2017 (no new teams accepted after this date)

Late registration period from: Saturday 3 June 2017 (late fee applies)

A $5.00 service fee is payable per non-competing official at the time of submitting registration

Registration includes:

- entry into your chosen sport

- qualified competition management staff, officials and referees

- sports medicine support (if required for injury treatment)

- medals (should you receive a place in your sport)

Contact Your Support Officer
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